Sarodgini Children's Academy



How to make summer break fun and productive?

In our Summer Camp:walk.jpg

  • Active time spending on the playground and at the wood
  • Hommade organic vitaminised meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks)
  • Creative team of captains and interesting field trips
  • Russian language study program
  • Master classes
  • Different topics for every week

Our favorite topics:


We are going to eat cosmonautic food, wear space outfit, and learn about space.ricket.png


We will learn the different kind of circus`s technics for fun.

questions.jpgQuestions? Please, call:

Director of afterschool program Sarodgini
Olga Okhapkina
(425) 365-9473

Tamara (425) 223-8083

Culinary week

Kids will cook everyday something very delicious and bring it home. (Seems like an enjoyment for parents, isn't?)


Archeology and history of the Earth.

We will meet dinosaurs relatives in the live reptile Zoo, digg fossil in our forest, research new artifacts, and finally became familiar with history of the Earth.


Soccer, Chess, Capoeira, and many more!