Registration fee: $250.00. A one-time fee to be paid at registration.

Annual Registration Fee: $40. Paid annually in September when updating documents (It is mandatory to submit the following updated forms: immunization record, updated address, phone numbers, insurance, and doctor contacts.)

We recommend a trial period of two weeks, during which a child can get used to teachers and peers. During this time period, prior to signing the agreement, the child can remain in our Academy for a few hours a day either with or without parents. The rate for this trial period is $10.00 per hour. The schedule of a trial period will be provided to you by your teacher or the director. It is important to begin the trial on Monday and come every day at the same time.

To enroll at Sarodgini Children`s Academy you need:

·      Sign the contract and pay deposit and registration fee

·     Print and fill the full registration form from "Documents for Parents".

The following items you need to bring for your child on the first day of attendance to Childcare:

For all age groups:

  •  Set of extra clothes. The clothing should be comfortable for the child. Preferably tights, a light T-shirt or shirt (depending on the season), and sandals with Velcro straps.
  •  Shoes to change.
  •  Spare clothes for the outdoor walks.
  • Tissues or handkerchiefs.
  •  A comb.
  •  For girls – clips and hair ties
  • Ones per 6 months - a large box of "Baby Wipes" from Costco


For toddlers (2.5 and under):

  •  Bib or bottle.
  •  Favorite toy for nap times (if necessary).
  •  Diapers (used only during outside and nap time).
  • Potty (if a personal potty chair is preferred).
  •  Full set of extra cloth.
  • Ones per 6 months - a large box of "Baby Wipes" from Costco